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The answer to all questions is always love in one of it's forms

We are spiritual beings in a human form. While remembering the source of our soul and our true self is an empowering and a beautiful experience it is equally important to embrace the human experience in all of its richness. 

We come here to learn and experience specific energies – to dive into all the feelings associated with it and go through all the necessary pain to learn how to change these energies into love.


Our life path often goes through experiencing the opposite of what we are supposed to grow into. We experience lack in order to learn abundance. We experience worry in order to learn trust. We experience hurt in order to learn forgiveness. 

In our life we always receive the experiences we need for our unique path and growth. 

The pain or challenge that we experience is always a reflection of a fear, resentment, doubt, blame or resistance that we hold in ourselves. The way to change our life experience is by finding that restrictive energy that we are holding inside and changing it into love.  

We have an infinite amount of support and guidance available on our path when we are willing to be supported and guided. An open heart and a curious mind are key. Patience is required while going through our pain into understandings. Letting go of the ideas of how things should be and opening to the nudges of intuition will lead our way to the right outcomes. With time we discover that the answer to all questions is always love in one of it's forms.

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