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Foggy Waters

Unlock your inner potential with OSHO® No-Mind Meditative Therapy Process in Downtown Vancouver!

Join us on a life changing journey to clear and clean your mind-body-being; and reach the ultimate space of inner liberation and clarity.

Warm welcome to join us on this deep dive into a unique process - a workshop lasting 2 hours a day for 7 days in Downtown Vancouver. During a deeply transformative week you will take part in a meditative therapy process that works energetically, bypassing the conscious, analytical mind, bringing participants to a moment-to-moment encounter with oneself. 

OSHO® NO-MIND MEDITATIVE THERAPY process is scientifically designed to free old, stuck energies, renew vitality and create space for silence.

Within a supportive group field you will have the opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness, experiences of inner peace, pure freedom and moments of profound clarity. Daily two-hour sessions are designed to bridge you deeper into a state of no-mind. The workshop combines dynamic and silent meditation techniques, guiding you through a process that dissolves the chatter of the mind and allows your authentic self to shine through.



Feb 5 - 11, 2024

Daily Times

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Rhodes Wellness College, 1125 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC

Reserve Your Spot:

Limited spaces available - To secure your spot please send an email to

- Investment: $625 

- Early bird price $550 available until 15th of January, 2024 

- Last registration day is: February 1st, 2024 

-To secure your place 100 cad of non -refundable deposit is required 

Facilitator : Shama Zeynep Anaydin 

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Studying at Home

Healing & Meditation Workshops

Join my weekly sessions for Balance and Wellbeing

I am currently hosting weekly small group healing & meditation workshops in Vancouver. Drop-ins are warmly welcome - if you would like to stay informed about my future events please email

Get in Touch
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Customized Retreats
The next generation of occupational wellbeing

Take your team to a place of Inner Power and Growth

If the Friday Happy Hour is not really giving your team the desired soul satisfaction why not try something completely different?
Gather your group for a nurturing retreat to restore inner balance and deep healing. Let us plan a magical getaway for your team - to step out of the ordinary and in to rejuvenating relaxation and empowerment.
From one day mini retreats to a few days of submerging in to deep relaxation, yoga, meditation, healing workshops, nature walks and delicious vegetarian food - We will provide a tailor-made itinerary to suit your wishes.
Disconnecting from the busy life and recentering in to a soul connection, balance, joy and multi-dimensional deep healing will allow your team to become stronger. We will design the perfect retreat and unforgettable experiences together.
It is the new World and the new Way - let us help you follow it!

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