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Intuitive Guidance and Healing

Helping you forward

In my one-on-one sessions I help clients with a holistic approach - providing support in taking steps out of restrictive thought patterns and finding inner light and awareness.

By tuning in to the energetic bodies my aim is to bring guidance for self-healing and insights to what is needed to go forward. With channeled divine healing energies I seek to bring ease to physical and emotional pain, release inner blockages and increase balance and harmony.

True wellbeing derives from the understanding of who we truly are and living our purpose in the most authetic way. I hope to support this magical journey of lifetimes.

Sessions are offered in-person (Vancouver) or online / distantly anywhere in the World. With extensive training and experience in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Reiki, Angel Healing & Guidance, Mediumship, Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing I work with ways that are best suited for the customer’s needs at that moment.

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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing


What is VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing® is a Divine energy that brings healing and consciousness where it is needed. It can be effectively used for balancing, strengthening and healing of the body, mind, emotions and awareness. VortexHealing® affects the recipients entire energy system and transforms it to optimize healing and help open inner blockages created by false beliefs and conditioning. These blockages are the source of our emotional and physical challenges. 

The intent of VortexHealing® is to release conditioning on every level it is found, returning the recipient to emotional balance and energetic strength. The goal is to work towards the understanding of who we truly are. VortexHealing® guides in the inner awakening in ways where we start to let go of our pain, our conditioning and our feeling of separation while waking us up to ease, clarity and the amazing experience of creation. 

With awareness of who we really are we start to live more from the heart and spread love and gratitude in to our lives and in to the lives of others. The tools of VortexHealing® work in many levels in supporting your journey to awakening. 

VortexHealing® is not meant to replace treatments prescribed by medical doctors 

VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

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Intuitive Guidance & Healing - what to expect during a session

Sessions can be done in-person or distantly – from my home to yours wherever it is. Session usually starts with a short discussion regarding any special wishes or topics that you may want to focus on. If there are no special wishes that is ok too, I will then do a general healing and intuitively see what kind of topics or issues arise.

Healing and energy reading session usually takes about 60 minutes. During the healing you can just relax, enjoy and be open to feel whatever comes. You may feel various sensations - tingling, gentle waves, heat or coolness in some parts of your body, perhaps you will sense colors or images or some visions may appear. Sometimes during the healing session emotions may surface – this is completely normal and part of releasing stuck energies. You will often zone out a bit and most likely you will feel very relaxed and calm after the session.

After the session we will have another discussion to go through what came up. I may have some guidance or ideas for the topic that you inquired about, or there may be something completely new and surprising that comes up.

Each session is a unique experience. Usually the positive effects are felt for some days after each session, but they are also lasting little steps towards a balanced mind, body and awakened consciousness. 

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Typical session time is about 75 minutes

Inperson @ Love & Peace Studios, 3586 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Sliding scale $111 - $155

Online session via zoom sliding scale $88 - $111

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