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Changing the World one Heart at a time

A session with an Israeli woman yesterday made me see in a very profound way how the collective heaviness is living inside the bodies of the Jewish nation. The hurt that she was feeling in her heart was not her own conditioning, it was the ancestral karma that was making her feel sad, victimized and sensitive. All the past and current trauma that is vividly living in the collective energies will keep affecting the individuals until it is released.

Our outside World will always reflect what we carry inside us. As long as the hurt lives inside Israelis and Palestinians, Jewish people and the Muslims, it will keep manifesting in the external World and life experience.

It was an honor to help heal just a little piece of this and I will do my best to continue the work and help more people be free of deep trauma and hurt. It is a time when we are all trying to find meaningful ways to help make the World better one little piece at a time.

I would also like to say a few words of encouragement during this time when many are feeling despair, division and anger. All of the above mentioned are flamingly broadcasted and loudly expressed in our society, but beneath all this there is an abundance of help, support and love that is also powerful but not as visible. It is a constantly growing silent force.

This is a time when so many are waking up to realize that love is more powerful than hatred and we are currently given great opportunities to choose the light. More than ever before individuals everywhere around the World are being nudged out of their old beliefs. Small miracles are happening everywhere when people notice their inner guidance to the path that feels better. Nothing would ever change if the World didn’t get shaken out of it’s old ways.

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