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Welcome to the healing frequencies of divine love

Katriina Laslo - Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Meditation Coach

Wellness Events & Travel Coordinator

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Energy Healing - the Art of Harmony

Energy Healing brings balance, awareness and nurturing where it is most needed

Everything is energy and all energies are connected. When your energy system is in tact it affects everything in your life - loving and caring vibrations are extremely healing.

Using energies to harmonize and enhance wellbeing is not a new invention – dating back to ancient India and China it has been used for thousands of years to strengthen body and mind. Many modern scientists and physicists acknowledge that positive healing intentions can transform a person’s energy field and have astounding positive effects on health. Energy healing is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatments prescribed by licensed doctors but it can be a great way to support you in recovery.

Energy healing intends to create a strong body-mind connection and by bringing inner peace and balance it can help you to better cope with challenging life situations. It helps you to stay positive, relaxed, grateful and centered - and by having this strong undertone to all of your thoughts and actions you will spread positivity into your work, relationships and aspirations. Having energy healing as part of your wellness routine can profoundly change your life for the better.  

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I am available for in-person sessions at the Love & Peace Studio - 3586 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC. or distant healing sessions anywhere in the world.

Get in touch via phone, text or email with the form below to book an Energy Healing session or ask questions.

+1 (604) 379 3430

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